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5 Star Review My husband and I hired S.B.P.M. last year after dealing with a difficult tenant that ended in an eviction and property damage. This company got our house put together quickly while walking us through estimates and we now have a renter that pays in a timely manner without constant reminders! This company knows the market so you’ll get the right value for your house, too! It’s a relief knowing our investment is being handled now and this takes the personal/tenant/owner relationship out of the equation. Best decision we made for our home that was once our own.

Cindy & Brian A.

5 Star Rating I hired South Bay to manage my property and I am very pleased with their efficiency. My units get rented out quickly and the tenants now pay on time. I like that I can check my account online anytime although they do send me a statement every month as well. Well worth the small fee to not have to deal with tenants or the property any more.

Thank you Tim, Thank you!
Steven C

5 Star Ratings Trustworthy and dependable property management company in the South Bay. Personal attention and very reasonable rates. Great dealing with problem tenants or late-payers.

Rick P.

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5 Star Reviews I had Tim Kelley list my property in Torrance last year and he was very knowledgeable. From pointing out physical things about the property to suggestions on what needs to be done to increase the value for a quicker sale. I like his strategy on showing the property to buyers. It was fantastic. Our property sold within one week with a smooth 35 day escrow.

Thanks Tim!

5 Stars Rating So far South Bay Property Management  is doing a great job. They seem to rent out the units much faster than the other company we had. They manage our 14 unit in Gardena and our 4 unit in Redondo Beach. I like the no nonsense approach.

Thanks Tim and staff, keep up the good work!

Mike & Elane

5 Stars Rating South Bay Property Mgmt has rented my properties fast, well rented, and saved me about 6K on a slab leak job.

Thanks Tim!
Andy M.

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